Villa Management Services

    PT Melati Bali Ombak operates in Indonesia as a corporate entity and is a registered tax paying company. Our personally owned MBO managed villas are fully legal and licensed accordingly per Indonesian property requirements. Is yours???

    Local Pajak Hotel Restaurant (PHR – Hotel Restaurant Tax) is submitted monthly to the required government officials by our accounting staff. A monthly P&L statement will indicate the amount of federal tax required to be withheld and paid the following month per Indonesian tax law.

    You have nothing to worry about if you are following the rules and paying your required taxes in financial compliance with the regulations. Yes, it is true that many villa owners have been getting away without paying applicable taxes for years and pocketing 100% of the income from their Bali villa rentals. However all signals now indicate that those days will soon be coming to a close. The choice is yours; you can voluntarily correct the situation yourself now and get off the radar, or you can maintain the status quo, and hope you can continue to dodge the taxman until you are eventually caught out and then subject to the disciplinary fines and penalties.

    We set up MBO Villas not only to manage our personally owned villas but also to help people who are currently in this bind with no other options. You cannot pay tax without a tax ID# (NPWP). PT MBO was assigned an NPWP and NPWP-D tax ID# at company start-up. This enables us to manage your villa both operationally and in full legal financial compliance.

    PT MBO can offer you 3 levels of villa management services to suit your personal situation and requirements as follows:

    Scenario 1 – Financial management only.

    Scenario 2 – Financial management and villa operational management. Villa owner provides bookings.

    Scenario 3 – Financial management and villa operational management. MBO provides bookings.

    Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements in more detail to allow us to put together a pricing / commission structure that will meet your needs as well as the taxman’s. I’m sure most villa owners here in Bali are responsible tax-paying citizens in their home country; You need to step up and assume those same financial responsibilities here in Indonesia.

    Come under the MBO umbrella and let us deal with all these concerns for you. To make the most of your stay in Bali, you should really be totally relaxed and enjoying your time here in paradise, not worrying about “what if”

    Thank you.