“MBO Nights” Loyalty Program

    As we move forward with our MBO Villas villa rental business we realize and appreciate that as important as it is to attract your first time business, it is even more important to ensure that your holiday experience was as pleasurable as possible and that you will happily reward us with your return business. We would also very much appreciate the opportunity to accommodate your relatives, friends and associates when they make their annual pilgrimage to our island paradise.
    Of course, pricing will always be the critical factor in a guest’s decision as to where they will unpack their suitcases to enjoy their Bali vacation. Online booking agents and villa complex management may promise lowest rates but let’s face the facts; only the independent villa owners can truly determine the lowest acceptable pricing for our villas. Hence, once we cut out the cumulative, stacked commissions we previously paid, only we, the villa owners, can offer you our “Best Value Guarantee” This is our commitment to you, our valued customers. Further to this, we are pleased to introduce our “MBO Nights” Loyalty Program.

    What are “MBO Nights” and how do I earn them?

    It’s quite simple really. For a minimum one week, 2/3-BR booking (through MBO Villas of course) we will reward you with one complimentary “MBO Night” that can be redeemed against a future one week, 2/3-BR booking. Additionally, when you refer a guest to us who makes a minimum one week, 2/3-BR booking we will also reward you with another complimentary “MBO Night”. The guest you referred would also be awarded with one complimentary “MBO Night” at the conclusion of their stay that can be redeemed against a future one week, 2/3-BR booking. For every qualified reference we receive from you, you will earn an additional complimentary “MBO Night”. And so on …

    How do I redeem my “MBO Nights” in the future?

    When making a future booking please advise us accordingly that you would like to redeem your “MBO Nights” currently on account. Don’t worry, we will track for you internally and offer you the option to redeem same during booking process.
    Your accrued “MBO Nights” will have an 18 month expiry period to allow our guests who might only come to Bali once a year ample opportunity to cash in on their free nights. Collect accordingly, combine with your friends, and enjoy a free or reduced cost holiday.
    Any other questions… Please contact us via email or phone (WA please) with your particular specifics.

    “MBO Nights” Terms & Conditions

    1. 2-BR booking “MBO Nights” may only be redeemed for future 2-BR or 1-BR bookings on a night for night basis. 3-BR booking “MBO Nights” may only be redeemed for future 3-BR, 2-BR or 1-BR bookings on a night for night basis, etc.

    2. “MBO Nights” may be earned in High Season. However they may not be redeemed or combined with other discounts during High Season as per standard industry business practices.

    3. Only one “MBO Night” may be earned for each stay and for each referred booking. However multiple “MBO Nights” may be redeemed together for a booking at any time other than periods designated as high season. (E.g. summer holidays, school holidays, Christmas holidays, etc.)

    In summary, if you look at the numbers, you can easily calculate the savings incurred by booking with MBO Villas directly. For example, when you place a minimum one week, 2-BR booking you will accrue one “MBO Night”, complimentary transport (IDR 300K each way) and a complimentary late check-out. (50% full day rate, terms apply)

    You do the math. In conjunction with our “Best Value Guarantee” that’s a combined saving of 25% over conventional pricing. We are extremely confident you will not find a better pricing package. Book soonest. We still have availability during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays. First come, first served.
    Thank you for your interest and future patronage.